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Arrival in Beijing

We are now on the road.

At 8:30am Korea time, we left our apartment and walked down our street for the last time. When we got to the main street, many of our teaching friends were out front of our academy because they were leaving for a ‘sports day’ organized by the school, so it was good to see several of them once again, one last time. On the street we also met Hein, our other fellow foreign teacher who had also finished his contract last week and was headed for the south of China.



We rode with Hein to the airport on the airport limo-bus. As we were driving down the road we reflected on the time we have had in Korea. Teaching for these 15 months has been a great experience, one that will stay with us for a long time to come, but we weren’t too sad since we have great times ahead of us.

One of those great times was about to begin as we boarded the plane at Incheon airport for Beijing. The 2 hour flight was fine. The main problem was that Chris miscalculated the arrival time mistaking 13:45 for 3:45pm instead of 1:45 when we actually arrived. This posed a problem because our friend Terry was planning to meet us (at 3:45 instead of 1:45) So we had a little bit of a wait, which was also fine – because we were on vacation!!! We finally met up with Terry and he took us to his apartment in the Northeast end of the city about 15 minutes from the airport.

Hagwon Ga - Driving Away

Terry and his wife Kate (from Guelph) have been teaching at a Montessori school in Beijing for 3 years now. We were really  glad that we were not going back to live in Korea because compared to our place, their  apartment  is an absolute palace! We really get along with them, and so far have benefited immensely from their tips on how to get around in the city (especially the places we have gone to eat).

The best thing about their place is actually their housekeeper. They have a housekeeper called and Ah-ee (Chinese for Aunt) who spends 4 hours every weekday cleaning their place – doing the dishes, laundry, food purchasing and anything else to make their place look great and she is gone before they get home from work. From Monday to Thursday their Ah-ee has a delicious homemade supper on the table ready for them.

We went to bed on the first night of our vacation feeling relaxed and comfortable in our new surroundings. We are looking forward to a great 5 days in Beijing!





Terry and Kate's apartment building


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